Print a Notice for a Single Property

For this example, we will print a Certificate of Occupancy.

  1. Open the Contacts form
  2. Double-click a Contact row to open the Contact Detail form
  3. Click [Create Notice] to open the Create Notice form
  4. From the "Template" dropdown, choose: "Certificate of Occupancy"
  5. Click [OK] to create the Notice and open the Notice Detail form
  6. Fill in the custom value prompts
    • For Permit #:
    • For Issue Date:
    • For Description of work completed:
      Resale Inspection
    • For Buyer:
      John Doe
      123 Big Buck Ln
      Honesdale, PA 18431
  7. Click [Print Notice] to generate the Notice report
  8. Click on the [Print] button in the "Print Preview" ribbon at the top left part of the screen to print a hard-copy of the notice
  9. Fold the letter in thirds and place in a double window envelope for mailing
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