Credit Card Payments (Adams)

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Adams County uses a website provided by AllPaid to receive and process credit card payments. Grandjean & Braverman provides AllPaid with a list of parcels and amounts due on a daily basis.

Here are the key details about the integration between G&B and AllPaid:

  • For simplicity, taxpayers cannot choose how much they pay online:
    • Taxpayers on a payment plan can only pay their next payment amount due.
    • All other taxpayers must be the full outstanding balance of their delinquent taxes.
    • To make a partial payment, taxpayers must call the Tax Claim office or pay in person.
  • G&B maintains a scheduled task that runs at 12:01 AM every day that:
    1. Creates a tab-delimited text file with the following fields:
      • FullName
      • TaxMap
      • ControlNumber
      • Municipality
      • Description
        • e.g., "Payment plan due: m/d/yyyy"
        • e.g., "2022"
        • e.g., "2018 - 2022"
      • Balance
    2. Uploads the file to AllPaid via WinSCP
  • "Bankruptcy" parcels cannot make online credit card payments

During the month of September, parcels that are enrolled in the Upset Sale are not eligible for online payment.

The system "blocks" payment to these parcels by leaving them off of the daily text file that gets uploaded to AllPaid.

Delinquent tax parcels are left off the daily upload file if the following conditions are met:

  • The current date is between September 1 and September 30, inclusive
  • The parcel is subject to Judicial Sale OR Upset Sale
    • Parcel is considered in Judicial Sale if:
      • Property Status is "Judicial 1" or "Judicial 2"
    • Parcel is considered in Upset Sale if all of the following are true:
      • Property Status is "PreUpset"
      • Parcel was added to the permanent Upset table for this sale year
      • Parcel still owes taxes from at least two years ago
      • Parcel has NOT been flagged

To further clarify, the following types of parcels MAY CONTINUE TO MAKE credit card payments in September:

  • Parcels on a payment plan
  • Pre-upset parcels that owe only a single year of back-taxes
  • Flagged parcels
  • Repository and non-repository parcels
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