Import Adjustable MBS Rates

The current coupon for adjustable Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) may change slightly from month-to-month outside of the normal coupon reset interval. Thus, the current rates must be updated monthly for every adjustable MBS. The rates may be updated as follows using the Adjustable Securities Sorted By Roll report from the FTN website:

  1. Log in to FTN.
  2. Choose the Analytics tab.
  3. Choose the Reports link.
  4. Choose the Adjustable Securities Sorted By Roll report.
  5. Choose the option to show Previous Month-End Prices.
  6. Choose the option to save as a CSV file.
  7. Click on Run Report.
  8. Save the file in the F:\CMR\ directory. The actual name of the file does not matter, but it should be something easy to remember, e.g. F:\CMR\Adjust.csv.
  9. Click on Import Adjustable MBS Rates on the Main Menu of the Loan Management program.
  10. Choose the file you saved above and click the Open button.
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