This function returns the budget of a GL account or TFR line number for a given month and year. The day portion of the date is ignored.

When budget numbers are entered in the GL they are entered for the current month only. However, for income and expense accounts, the Budget function returns the cumulative year-to-date budget number. For example, if an income account had a constant monthly budget of $10,000 per month, the Budget function would return $40,000 for the April budget.

Budget(AcctNum, BudgetDate)

  • =Budget("1010-000", "7/31/2009") Returns the budget for account 1010-000 for the month of July 2009.
  • =Budget("SC110", "1/11/2009") Returns the total budget for all accounts that comprise TFR line number SC110 for the month of January 2009.
  • =Budget("3110-000", "12/31/2009") Returns the total 2009 budget for income account 3110-000.


The GL account number or TFR line number. This must include any applicable company abbreviations.


%fineprint{Used in: AvgBal, Balance, Budget, Description}%


The date that represents the month and year used to retrieve the budget numbers

"3/31/2009"    Returns the budget for March 2009
 "3/1/2009"    Returns the budget for March 2009
"3/17/2009"    Returns the budget for March 2009

%fineprint{Used in: Budget, FedRptBudget, LineBudget, LineBudgetRound}%

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