This function returns the balance of a GL account or TFR line number as of a certain date.

Balance(AcctNum, BalanceDate, PosNeg)

  • =Balance("1010-000", "7/31/2009") Returns the balance for account 1010-000 as of the end of the day July 31, 2009.
  • =Balance("SC110", "1/31/2009") Returns the balance for TFR line number SC110 as of the end of the day January 31, 2009.
  • =Balance("3110-000", "12/31/2009") Returns the balance for income account 3110-000 just prior to the 2009 year-end closeout.
  • =Balance("3110-000", "12/31/2009 8:00PM") Returns 0.00 because 3110-000 is an income account and 8:00 PM is past the year-end closeout time.
  • =Balance("1010-000", "3/17/2009", "C") Returns 'Debit Balance' because the balance for account 1010-000 on March 17, 2009 was a debit balance and the "C" in our formula told Excel to only display the balance if it was a credit. See below for more information about the PosNeg parameter.


The GL account number or TFR line number. This must include any applicable company abbreviations.


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The date used to retrieve account balances from the General Ledger. End of year closeout transactions are posted as of 6:00 PM on December 31. A balance date of 12/31 will return balances for income and expense accounts, while a balance date of 12/31 8:00PM will return zero for all income and expense accounts and reflect an accurate year-end close out equity fund balance.

 "1/31/2009"          Account balances as of the end of the day on January 31, 2009
"12/31/2009"          Account balances prior to posting the year-end close out batch (ie, income + expense > 0)
"12/31/2009 8:00 PM"  Account balances after posting the year-end close out batch (ie, income + expense = 0)

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Limit results to Positive, Negative, Debit, or Credit only. You may spell out or abbreviate Positive, Negative, Debit, and Credit if you would like to make your formula more readable; the function performs a match on the first character only.

When evaluating numeric formulas such as SUM, Excel treats text as 0. This makes it possible to use this PosNeg parameter to include results of GL formulas in your other Excel formulas only in specific circumstances.

"P"  Show balance only if positive, otherwise display:           Neg Balance
"N"  Show balance only if negative, otherwise display:           Pos Balance
"D"  Show positive number if debit balance, otherwise display:   Credit Balance
"C"  Show positive number if credit balance, otherwise display:  Debit Balance

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