TaxColl2k requires Microsoft Access 2013 or later*. The CD comes with this program and should install it automatically if needed. If you are missing Access and are running the TaxColl2k installer from the web, you will see the following message, “MS Access was not found. Please visit to download and install Access Runtime 2013.” The installer will then attempt to open your browser to that website. Click on the link for Access Runtime 2013. Download and run the file, accepting all the defaults. If the installation requires a computer restart, you may need to restart the TaxColl2k installation program after Access finishes installing and the computer reboots.

*NOTE: For users running Windows XP or Windows Vista, Microsoft Access 2013 cannot be installed under those operating systems. Instead, you will need to install MS Access 2007 Runtime before trying to run the TaxColl2k Setup. This program is available from the Updates section of our website.

Microsoft has not provided security patches for Windows XP since 2014. Microsoft will stop providing security patches for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017. We strongly recommend if you are running one of these operating systems to upgrade to a more secure system.

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