Close any programs you currently have open, especially the Tax Collector program. Place the installation CD in your CD drive. If you have auto-run enabled on your computer, the Setup Program will automatically start. If the software installer does not automatically start, open My Computer and double click on the icon for your CD drive then double click on the icon named TaxColl2kSetup.

The first screen advises you that the program will install the Tax Collection program and displays the version it will install. Click Next.

The second screen provides you options to install supporting programs. The MS Access 2013 Runtime is installed for most users unless they already have a full version of Access. PDF Creator enables you to turn your reports and documents into PDF (Portable Document Format) files so that you can save them on your computer or email them. If you already have PDF Creator installed, you do not need to re-install it. The boxes default to being checked or unchecked based on your system setup; you can usually just leave them alone.

The third screen displays a summary of the installation choices you made. Click Install.

The fourth and final screen lets you know that the installation has completed. Click Finish. If the installation disk includes your tax data files, the setup program will automatically copy them to the TaxCollection folder in the Documents folder on your computer. If you already have the data files on your computer, the setup program will not overwrite them.

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