If you are connected to the internet, the program will automatically check for updates once a day. If it finds one, it will download it while you are working. When you close the program the update will be installed automatically. The process should be completely transparent.

Occasionally, we may release an update that requires administrator approval to install. For these updates we will prompt you to install them when the program starts up.

If you want to force an update check, you may click the “Check for Updates” item in the Help menu (see above).

Important note about anti-virus programs

The “Check for Updates” and “Automatic Program Updates” features do not work with some anti- virus programs. These programs—including those from Symantec and Norton—take an ultra- conservative approach to identifying dangerous applications. Their definitions of “dangerous applications” include *ANY* application with relatively few downloads (under a thousand, say). Since thousands of users are not downloading our tax collector program, they flag it as potentially dangerous.

The workaround for this issue is to go to our website,, and download the full installation or update setup file. Your anti-virus software will likely show you a warning about this being a program that is not downloaded by many other users. Acknowledge the warning, download the setup file, then run the file. For details, refer to the “Program Installation (From Website)” instructions at the beginning of this guide.

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