Whenever a user with "Editor" privileges edits a policy document, its "Latest Change" date is updated.  When a user views the Table of Contents form, these policies appear with the words "New changes" to highlight the fact that there is new information available.

The user can then click on the book icon to "Review" the changes in Word or Adobe Reader.  When finished, the program prompts them to indicate that they completed the review.  If they choose "Yes", then the program creates a review record to indicate the policy has been reviewed.  At that point, the "New changes" text goes away.  The "New changes" text does not come back until another user makes a change in the future.

This feature makes it easier for users to stay up-to-date on policy changes by highlighting exactly which policies have changed and whether the user has already reviewed the changes.

Refer to the Table of Contents form and Edit Policy page for more details.

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