Import Prices

The most reliable way to import pricing history is to import the prices from a CSV file, available through the FTN website:

Detailed Bond Listing

  1. Log in to FTN.
  2. Roll-over the Analytics tab.
  3. Under the Portfolio Performance heading, click on the Analytical Reports link.
  4. Choose the Detailed Bond Listing report.
  5. Choose Report Type Detail.
  6. Choose the option to show Previous Month-End Prices.
  7. Choose the option to save as a CSV file.
  8. Click on the button to Run Report.
  9. Save the file in the F:\CMR\ directory. The actual name of the file does not matter, but it should be something easy to remember.
  10. Click on Import Prices on the Main Menu of the Loan Management program.
  11. Choose the file you saved above and click the Open button.

The program will tell you if there are any CUSIPs in the CSV file that could not be found in the Loan Management database:

Missing CUSIPs Dialog

The program will then tell you how many pricing records were imported. It will break down how many new records were added and how many were simply updated. Please note that you may run the Import Prices process multiple times for a single month without causing any problems.

Import Successful Dialog

As part of the pricing import functionality, the program takes advantage of the fact that the Detailed Bond Listing includes a current coupon rate. It uses this coupon rate to update the interest rate for adjustable MBS's. Because adjustable rate MBS's are composed of mortgages of varying interest rates and the individual mortgages pay off somewhat unpredictably, the interest rate for an adjustable MBS will vary throughout the year (independent of the actual reset date for the underlying mortgages). To account for this, the program automatically imports updated interest rates for these adjustable MBS's.

If there were adjustable MBS's that had interest rates change, these will be listed in a query that will be displayed at the end of the process:

Adjustable Interest Rate Updates Query

Issues with Using the Detailed Bond Listing to Update Interest Rates

One issue with using the Detailed Bond Listing to update interest rates is that this report always shows the current interest rate for the securities, even if you run the report for the previous month end.

In other words, if you log on to the FTN website on May 3 and download the Detailed Bond Listing for previous month end you will get Pricing history as of April 30 and interest rates as of May 3. If a few days later you download the Detailed Bond Listing for previous month end on May 7, you will still get Pricing history as of April 30, but your interest rates will be as of May 7.

Problem with ajdustable interest rate update

This is only a problem if you download and import the Detailed Bond Listing on different days during the same month.

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