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 ====== Grandjean & Braverman, Inc. ====== ====== Grandjean & Braverman, Inc. ======
 +[[:ap:start|Accounts Payable]]\\
 +[[:gl_excel:start|GL Excel Functions]]\\
 [[:loan_mgmt:start|Loan Management]]\\ [[:loan_mgmt:start|Loan Management]]\\
-[[:gl_excel:start|GL Excel Functions]]+[[:notifier:start|Notifier]]\\ 
 +[[:pm:start|Policy Manager]]\\ 
 +[[:tax_claim:start|Tax Claim]]\\ 
 +[[:tax_coll:start|Tax Coll 2k]]\\  
 +[[:assessor:start|Assessor 2k]] 
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